Dragonland | first album available on MySpace

Written on their myspace blog:
"10 years have passed since we completed our debut album back in January 2001, and to properly commemorate this you can now find the whole album online on our MySpace!
It is the first chapter of a gargantuan saga that will continue into the new album to be released first half of this year, so to those unfamiliar with the Dragonland storyline, here's the place to start!

Writing of the album was begun in the summer of -99, and recorded in December - January at Los Angered with Andy LaRoque as producer. It was released in June 2001 by Black Lotus, who also released the sophomore album, Holy War.

An album recorded before the onset of Pro tools, the album has quite a natural and atmospheric sound, and though the production is somewhat aged, it is charming in its own right!

Enjoy this journey back in time where it all began... and keep your eyes out for the continuation of this epic saga in 2011!


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