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On January 22, Mistress Carrie of the Worcester/Boston, Massachusetts radio station WAAF conducted an interview with bassist Johnny Christ of Orange County, California's Avenged Sevenfold when the band played at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts during the "Nightmare After Christmas" tour with Stone Sour and Hollywood Undead.

Avenged Sevenfold kicked off the "Nightmare After Christmas" tour on Thursday (January 20) in Reading, Pennsylvania. The show marked Avenged's live debut with Arin Ilejay, formerly the drummer for Los Angeles-based Christian rock group Confide, who is sitting behind the kit for Avenged Sevenfold's upcoming tour dates.

The relatively unknown Ilejay is the second drummer to play with Avenged Sevenfold following the December 2009 death of original drummer James "The Rev" Sullivan. The band recruited ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy to play on its latest album, "Nightmare", and all its 2010 tour dates before dismissing him at the end of the year.

The band said in a statement, "We recently asked several friends who knew Jimmy and his style, and also knew our music and each of our personalities to suggest drummers to tour with us starting this year. Our longtime studio drum tech Mike Fasano recommended Arin Ilejay. We've rehearsed with Arin and have been impressed with his technical skills, attitude and work ethic. We're very excited to tour with Arin and hope all of you will give him the warm welcome to the family we have."

Ilejay played on Confide's 2008 debut album, "Shout The Truth", and appeared on tour with the group.

Sullivan was found dead in his Huntington Beach, California home at the age of 28. His death was attributed to a lethal combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The latest single from "Nightmare", which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart last summer, is "Welcome To The Family".

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