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Words Of Silence

Sorronia is a female fronted, symphonic metal act from the depths of Europe, Hungary.

The idea of Sorronia was first conceived in November 2011 by Anna Király (vocalist) and István Biró (keyboardist). The concept was to form a new female fronted act with smooth rock fills, but with hard, heavy metal riffs and gothic elements, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. Eventually, the task of bringing the band to life began. A year of experimentation followed. The band explored how the songs should sound, how to make them unique, how to merge the styles and experience of its members, and how to fuse the different styles into the music that was about to be made.


Finally, in November 2012, the line-up was complete and work began. A highly progressive period followed. That same month the band recorded its first song, Enemy of Yourself, due to the possibility of a video clip shoot the following month. Everything went smoothly thanks to the staff of Utopia Studio who helped the band bring its sound to its final form. The video clip shoot took place in December as planned, and the clip was released on January 2, 2013.

Things were ready to record four more songs in January, the same month the video was released. Everything went according to plan. Then in February, the band got hard at work composing new songs and rehearsing the current ones for live performances. This process continued until the end of May, when the team of Scarlet Records, Italy, showed interest in Sorronia’s work and subsequently signed the band with BakerTeam Records, their sub-label. The final studio session for an upcoming release then began, recording the last songs to make a complete, debut first album titled Words of Silence.

Debut Album: Words Of Silence

Sorronia | Words Of Silence photoWords of Silence will bring about a new dawn in symphonic gothic metal. Sorronia wanted to make a symphonic album with great classical influences while maintaining the presence of rock and metal.
The songs contain great symphonic melodies, hard rocking riffs, neo-classical solos, and much more.
Release: October 28th, 2013
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  1. Intro
  2. Fallen Angel
  3. Enemy Of Yourself Free Download
  4. Serenade Of Memories
  5. Lost In Falling
  6. Shattered
  7. My Eternal Land
  8. Leave It Behind
  9. This Is The End



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