Free Mike Portnoy Tribute Album

Independent musicians, graphic 
artists, and a computer graphics demogroup have collaborated on a grand scale multimedia tribute to Mike Portnoy, 
in celebration of over a quarter of a century of highly influential musicianship. Mike Portnoy’s early investment into 
the internet, as well as his relationship with the global fan 
base, created a fad-transcending musical community that 
continues to grow past the post quarter century mark.
Mike Portnoy has always possessed a strong commitment 
to bringing a diverse lineup of “under the radar” support 
bands on the road.  These tours introduced hundreds of 
thousands to some truly genre-defining music, and inspired a new generation with music that would have otherwise remained outside the public 
view.  “Mike, over the years, has fueled an online community with tireless energy and effort, 
of which it has been a pleasure to be a part of.  Members of the community feel that paying 
some of that energy forward is the least they could do to show their appreciation,” says 
compilation producer Anthony Morse.  
The multimedia tribute appears in the form of a free three disc digital album, interviews, 
and some stunning music videos graphically generated by the legendary Greek demogroup 
Andromeda Software Development.  
Honor Thy Drummer: A Tribute to Mike Portnoy contains 3 digital discs, 2 new, and a bonus 
2009 retrospective disc featuring choice selections from the previous digital release MPF 
2009.  Honor Thy Drummer features a diverse range of styles and approaches, drawing inspiration from Mr. Portnoy’s award winning approach to music, created by acts inspired by 
his musical influence. The resulting music seamlessly crosses many musical boundaries 
weaving from heavy time-spanning progressive metal to concise folk. 
The Honor Thy Drummer multimedia collection is available for free download at It contains the digital album in MP3 format, a digital PDF 
booklet featuring photos, lyrics, and bios of the contributing artists. Two of three interviews 
with contributing artists Relocator, In Progress, and S.A. Adams, are included, and shed 
light on their collaborations with progressive metal superstars Derek Sherinian, Mark 
Zonder, and Mike Portnoy himself, all of whom play on the artists‘ tracks featured in Honor 
Thy Drummer. The third interview will be released in January.
The scope of this endeavor reaches across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and 
the American continent. This project, fueled by the hard work and dedication of all of the 
participants, resulted in a quality work free to the world, and without the complications 
of revenue generation. The collection is, simply put, a high quality independent project 
available freely to all that desire the audio/visual experience. 

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