Symphonic pirate metal by Kingdom Waves

Kingdom Waves

Kingdom Waves

Chapter I

In the mists of time, abandoned by fate, the old pirate captain Michal Bak readied himself to seek a new crew for his mighty vessel, when suddenly he found a letter in a bottle, which touched him deeply.

Soon, together with the equally cruel sea conqueror Slawomir Urban, they created a brand new ship of music under the banner of the “Kingdom Waves

Nonetheless; in order to sail on the sea they needed a strong crew. Very quickly, just off the shore, they found another abandoned pirate, Kamil Ruth, who quickly pledged his loyalty and musicianship to them.
Kingdom Waves | Mistrust photo KingdomWaves-Mistrust_zps3433d93b.jpgAs they raised anchor, they found Martin Marcell, who amazed them with his unusual voice.

However, before they could set sail, they realised they needed a booming bass. They scoured the land and found the final piece of the puzzle in Lukasz Olenderek who cast his lot with them.

Since the time they have been sailing on seas and oceans wreaking terror and dread with their symphonic pirate metal sound !!!!


Chapter II

… And there was a huge storm on the ocean, and what irritated the witch the most was the fact that all pirates were fighting united together. Without any hesitation, she cast a deadly spell but once more in vain.
The careless sorceress did not kill anyone but accidentally, and to our delight, strengthened our forces by changing our brave pirate Lukasz Olenderek into a stronger, golden-haired bass sound putter Tommy Roxx (Tomasz Targosz).
Tommy had been serving under many different banners just to find that his destiny is on the Kingdom Waves ship…


Martin Marcell - Vocal
Lord Wizzard - Keyboard & Orchestration
Slavomir Urban - Guitar
Agnieszka -Djatri- Kural - Bass
Kamil Ruth - Drums
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