Eryn Non Dae.

Eryn Non Dae.
Mathieu Nogues - Vocals
Franck Quintin - Guitar, backing vocals
Yann Servanin - Guitar
Mickael André - Bass
Julien Rufié - Drums
Formed in 2001 and have since then developed their own style of aggressive metal. After a few concerts the band parted ways with their singer. END. continued working on their musical expression which became even more obscure, epileptic and oppressive…

In early 2004 and after many auditions, the band finally found a suitable vocalist, soon heading back out on the road to play with the likes of Gojira, JenX, Sybreed, Black Bomb A, Pelican, Sleepers and High On Fire, among others.

At the beginning of 2005 END. entered ConKrete Studio in Bordeaux to record the EP « The Never Ending Whirl Of Confusion ». The title “Beyond The Senses” was chosen to be part of the June 2005 Rock Hard sampler. Critics are unanimous as far as the musical quality of the band is concerned. END., which in a live setting feels like being crushed by a steamroller, continued spreading their name.

In the summer of 2006 they joined Jerkov Booking Agency and in December they appeared on a compilation among bands like Dagoba, Manimal and Punish Yourself.
The Metal Academy of the national radio « Le Mouv’ » put END. on the air quite regularly and named it « album of the week » during 2006.
Before going to the studio in August 2007 to record their first album, END. took part in Hellfest (Neurosis, Machine Head, Slayer…) on the Discover Stage in June.The band was also seen on local television news M6 Toulouse for this great event.
France’s END. gives the metal scene exactly what is needed – something unique, groundbreaking, and a new style of extreme to follow upon. Much like fellow homeland heroes Gojira and Hollow Corp, END. pulls off a signature sound that can immediately be picked up by the metal critics. END.’s ever evolving brand of extreme music makes for an open minded listen from start to finish. Their technicality not only stands out, but also goes towards metal’s advantage, expanding the genre.

END. delivers complex and brutal structures while at the same time adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods, keeping you addicted. Their creativity, power, and aesthetics without a doubt will stun the metal genre.

The band decide during the year 2009 to change their band name to ERYN NON DAE.
The members of the band explain in a press release:
"There are simply too many bands with a similar name out there. Of course we would have loved to keep the name but our label pointed to us that it would be wiser to start under a new banner and they are right. The three words of ERYN NON DAE. do not only start with the initials of END., it is also a dark and eerie name that fits our music perfectly!"

At the begin 2009, Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the signing of Eryn Non Dae.


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