Gamma ray | To release unplugged album

Written on the official website:
Dear Friends!
You might have heard through the grapevine that the Rays have something cooking again, .....and yes, we do have.

Since the "Skeletons In The Closet" album was so well received some time ago, we thought it might be time to do an encore.
While going through all previous albums we found that there is still a ton of songs that we either never or barely played.
So we decided to do a bit of touring with a total different set and revive some of these songs with our nowadays chemistry and vibe.

But that's not all... while jamming around with accoustic guitars we discovered that it's actually much fun and that we have a good amount of songs that are cool to listen to as 'unplugged' versions. So these special shows will consist of live un- or rarely heard stuff in full metal gear ('Skeletons') and a good choice of our most famous 'hits' in a different way (we chose to call them 'Majesties') ...and 'presto': here we go with Skeletons and Majesties!!!

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