Today is the release of »The Cold Embrace Of Fear– A Dark Romantic Symphony« from the italian gods

„For this special CD we composed a unique song of around 35 minutes divided in 7 „acts“. Looking at the title you can easily imagine that such long and epic song will show the most cinematic and orchestral side of our band, all our passion for the world of cinema we love so much and that always represented our main influence while composing the RHAPSODY’s music“, says Luca Turilli and adds: „Essentially it is a long huge song, sounding very symphonic, full of orchestral sections very soundtrack oriented, narrations and spoken parts. More than in other cases we tried to create a real movie atmosphere with very dynamic musical results, also thanks to the help of the English actors that gave voice to different charachters. You will just need to close your eyes and explore those new emotional dimensions we wrote the music for.“.
  Also the reactions of medias are overwhelming:
     „The Cold Embrace Of Fear« is a diamond in notes“
     ROCK IT, Germany
     „The Gods of Hollywood Metal are back“
     ROCK HARD, Germany
     „Theatralic melodic Speed metal… this is cinema for the ears“
     METAL HAMMER, Germany
     „Majestic, noble and magnificent. A visually stunning storm in seven acts“
     POWERMETAL.DE, Germany

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