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Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver

Holy Diver from Killswitch Engage on Vimeo.
Album: As Daylight Dies (Special Edition) (2007)

Label: Roadrunner Records

Director: Brian Thompson


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A Different Shade Of Darkness

Founded in September 2005, the Dutch symphonic gothic power metalband Magion creates powerful and tightly executed symphonic metal. The songs are elaborately structured, but have clear heads and tails and show a lot of variation. The music perfectly fits Myrthe’s evocative and partly autobiographical lyrics.

Sorronia | Debut Album

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Words Of Silence

Sorronia is a female fronted, symphonic metal act from the depths of Europe, Hungary.

The idea of Sorronia was first conceived in November 2011 by Anna Király (vocalist) and István Biró (keyboardist). The concept was to form a new female fronted act with smooth rock fills, but with hard, heavy metal riffs and gothic elements, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. Eventually, the task of bringing the band to life began. A year of experimentation followed. The band explored how the songs should sound, how to make them unique, how to merge the styles and experience of its members, and how to fuse the different styles into the music that was about to be made.

Analogy | Debut Album

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The Circle Of Life

Analogy (El Salvador) was formed back in 2003 as a cover band playing songs from Iron Maiden to Metallica. It was formed by bass player Benjamin Lopez and guitar player Eduardo Franco. Back then it was only a garage band formed by school kids. A few years later the band was separated because the founders had to move to San Salvador; being a band resident from San Miguel, they had to leave town to pursue academic achievements. In 2005 Eduardo formed part of Everfar and Legacy later, being Legacy the opening band for international bands as Helloween and Stratovarius. It was after the split up of Legacy that Benjamin and Eduardo began talking again about reforming the band but with a different approach; this time, they would have Analogy formed as a Power Metal Progressive/Speed Metal band with influences like Stratovarius, Angra, Dream Theater and more. In 2007 they debuted as a cover band; and after several months they released their first studio song called “Starlit Skies” which had a very good acceptance by the audience in radial spaces like “Zona Metal” and “Subterránica” at Radio Femenina 102.5 FM. Being their members at the time vocalist Edgard Velasquez, Eduardo Franco on Guitars, Pablo Chavez on Guitars, Benjamin Lopez on Bass, and Ricardo Garcia on Drums.

Fortress Under Siege | New Album


Fortress Under Siege

New Album On The Way

Two years passed since the release of “The Mortal Flesh Of Love” and we are are ready to enter the studio. Pre-production of our new, still untitled album is over!

Metal Invasion Classics

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Symphonic pirate metal by Kingdom Waves

Kingdom Waves

Kingdom Waves

Chapter I

In the mists of time, abandoned by fate, the old pirate captain Michal Bak readied himself to seek a new crew for his mighty vessel, when suddenly he found a letter in a bottle, which touched him deeply.

Soon, together with the equally cruel sea conqueror Slawomir Urban, they created a brand new ship of music under the banner of the “Kingdom Waves

Derdian | Limbo

Derdian | Limbo (2013) photo Derdian_Limbo_2013_zps8e735256.jpg



Italian symphonic power metal band DERDIAN will release a new album on 13.03.2013.
It's the first album with new lead singer Ivan Giannini, which has done a great job. The production of 'Limbo' is in the hands of the band themselves.
'Limbo' can be pre-ordered in their own webshop.

Check out 'Blakenstein'

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New Song

Blakenstein is a very original and very theatrical band; their stage set up is insane; the vision is to have the stage look like Frankenstein’s lab/Lair with actors here and there. Their style is hard to pin down. It’s a mixture of many styles from Sabbath, Killswitch, Nightwish, All That Remains, Symphony X, Pantera, Mudvayne, Godsmack, Uli Roth, Evanescence on steroids, etc.

PPM Fest 2013

Power Prog & Metal Festival 
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Helloween | Tour Dates 2013 (update)

Helloween - 7 sinners,


January 2013
28.01.2013 - 70000 Tons of Metal - Miami, Florida

February 2013
28.02.2013 - Razzmatazz 1 - Barcelona, Spain