Iryna Vitiv - vocals
Sergiy Vladarsky - guitars
Dmytro Dvugroshev - bass
Marta Medler - drums
ONATRA is a modern symphonic metal band founded in July 2009 in Lviv, Ukraine. At that time the band consisted of Iryna Vitiv (vocals), Khrystyna Solyha (keys), Vasyl Turchyn (guitars), Victor Shpyrka (guitars), Sergiy Vladarsky (bass), Marta Medler (drums).

The band was formed to play on tribute to In Flames, which was put off and cancelled. After that they decided to play their own music, composed by Sergiy.
In september 2009 Khrystyna left ONATRA, because of studies and the band decided to use playback instead of looking for a new keyboard of the same level. The musicians worked hard for their techniques.

In March 2010 ONATRA had their first performance as a contestant in competition among young Lviv bands called Level Up! Their songs (Chaos Theory, Fate Symphony and For Your Soul) and roses show had a great success. The band collected the largest number of audience votes and took sixth place from twenty five.

In April 2010 ONATRA gave their second performance in underground club Pogulyanka for a small number of people.

In May 2010 ONATRA was disbanded.
During a longtime search for new musicians Marta studies the details of orchestral music composing. She tries to compose heavy orchestrals and in summer 2010 ONATRA records their new demo songs Dance With The Wind and Touch Of Emptiness.
ONATRA is reactivated with a change in sound and works upon the new material for their debut album Last Hope.
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