Shadows Entwined

Tim Anderson - Vocals
Walter Martinez - Guitar
Emilio Coello - Guitar
Tom Myers - Bass
Gabriel Lopez - Drums
Los Angeles, USA. This new breed of sub-genre consists of the musical heaviness of Black/Death Metal and the strong and memorable melodies of classic heavy metal. In fact, they are the only Dark Power Metal act in existence in the states or even the world. Their influences stem from melodic giants such as, Helloween and Stratovarius; the musical brutality of Dimmu Borgir and the heart stopping live show of Iron Maiden.

In 3 years they have already released a 5 song EP called “Nightmares Made Flesh” and a full length CD, compellingly named “Divine Darkness”, which has not disappointed the review critics. Since the release of their latest CD's, they have toured several times nationally throughout 2009 and 2010; all the while performing sold out shows with likes of Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica and GammaRay. You see, commanding a crowd of thousands is not the issue for them. Their goal is to enslave millions of metal heads to be our faithful followers in the decades to come.

Not only has Shadows Entwined performed over a hundred shows, they have won several battle of the bands in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. They are being played on Internet metal shows' regular rotation. Their CD's are selling exponentially throughout the USA, Mexico, South America, and Japan. New and exciting things are underway for 2011 as Shadows Entwined will be releasing their 3rd CD called “Pathway To Infinity”, which is set to release very soon. Let the Shadows consume you!

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