Pride Shall Fall

Warren Murphy - vocals
Tim Falkenberg - guitars
Rajko Resanovic - guitars
Serhan Topluca - bass
Sören Dolata - drums

Brutal, energetic, in your face and off the damn hook are some of the words one could use to represent this crowd destroying band…Pride Shall Fall have been hitting stage's across Europe since April 2009 with their blend of brutal, gut wrenching, technical and utterly mind blowing sound.

The skin deep itch and the craving to satisfy all members could not be cured fast enough. The band declared war and enthusiastically began writing songs, before long the five piece hybrid impregnated the ear's of audiences from far and wide with their interpretation of modern heavy metal.

Pride Shall Fall send a message of salvation, words of peace, and a need to save ourselves from ourselves... poetically riddled and possessive formed words of all emotions are only an outline to each talent that every musician within the band brings to the table, whether it be each crash of a cymbal or every thunderous attack on a drum, precise riffing on each breakdown and every last heart stopping chorus supported by bass attacks to cry to mummy about!! Pride Shall Fall have more than enough to keep your ear's and eye's entertained for a very promising future to come....evidence of this can be found on the band's first E.P "Upon the court of Eden" which was produced by Sky Van Hoff (former Machine Made God, Butterfly Coma) in October 2009 and shortly after released in February 2010.

Sharing stage's with the likes of Devildriver, Carnifex, Veil Of Maya, Suffocate, Biohazard, Drone, Sub7even, Stone The Crow, Semtex, Gurd, Kilt, President Evil, D-Fakt, Mainline, Ophydian, DTA, Agressive Sound Painters, Muff, Across Five Aprols, Parachutes, PX-Pain, Sybreed and Sturch, Pride Shall Fall have warmed the hearts of many, and left aches and pain's on many more of those who have bared witness to a live performance. Remember kid's "rose's and chocolates are nice but metal has just got better!"

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