Ömer - vocals
Alex - guitars
Martin - drums
Kevin - guitars
Christoph - bass

In the aftermath of the financial crisis Guerrilla give it a shot and deliver their new album KICKSTART REVOLUTION – a piece of tight, dirty and dazzling thrash metal with a hell of a lot of cojones! The band is back with a vengeance: faster, groovier and nastier.
Thrashy speed attacks, furious death metal massacres and energising mosh-stampedes garnished with maniac-like melodies provide an absolutely trouncing record! Always on target, Guerrilla manage to bundle all varieties of aggressive metal. The fat, juicy but crystal-clear sound is pumping the songs from deaf ears straight through the arteries of the listener. Like a suicide bomber Guerrilla are going to make you an offer you can't refuse! KICKSTART REVOLUTION is the bone-crushing, head-banging and arse-kicking answer to the problems the world is dealing with lately: Never mind metalcore, never mind the industry – Guerrilla starts where Al Qaeda stops!

Long since have the musical terrorists from Cologne proven their excellent live qualities. More than 300 concerts all over Germany and its near abroad speak for themselves. Countless club-stages and many festival gigs have been played hitherto. Guerrilla shared the limelight with a considerable number of bands, among them the likes of In Flames, Dew Scented, Soilwork, Krisiun, Grave, etc. The band is a tried and tested live-machine, which – without mercy – thrashes you into dust and kicks the shit out of the slackest arse!


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