HELLOWEEN | 'Are You Metal?' Video Released

"Are You Metal?", the new video from German power metallers HELLOWEEN, can be viewed below. The clip was filmed on September 30 in Beelitz, Germany.

"Are You Metal?" comes off HELLOWEEN's 13th studio album, "7 Sinners", which will be released in North America on November 9 via The End Records.

Audio samples of all 13 tracks that are set to appear on the CD can be found on the web site of CeDe, which is said to be the most complete and up-to-date multimedia shop in Switzerland.

If there is a golden thread throughout the more than 25 years of HELLOWEEN's history, 13 studio albums, countless headliner tours around the globe and more than 5 million records sold, then it is their special kind of attitude: don't take yourself too seriously and simply live statements like "just have fun with the shit you're doing." Maybe it is exactly this easiness that allows HELLOWEEN to be one of the most constant bands of the genre while simultaneously being the one band who dares to experiment more than their musical peers.

While some copycats would rather stick with the same old patterns, Andi Deris, Michael Weikath, Sascha Gerstner, Markus Großkopf and Dani Löble aren't afraid of taking risks — and are rightfully rewarded with success.

"7 Sinners" is definitively one of the fastest and hardest albums in the HELLOWEEN's history and it bursts with vitality. That might partly be due to the versatility of the various songwriters within the band, who over time have become so homogenous, that the 13 songs formed a unity on their own in the studio , but it may also be due to the fact that the album was recorded completely without a click track, which, considering the extreme speed of the songs is an impressive feat. Especially drummer Löble, who proves that his technique is at a world-class-level. Following his excellent inner clock, bass and drums drive tracks like "Are You Metal?", "Long Live The King" and "Who Is Mr. Madman?" to dizzying tempos. "7 Sinners", with its typically strong melodies and the tangible joy of playing, is a true metal album whose range reaches astonishing dimensions.

It has become a cliche for metal band's to tout their newest opus as their "fastest" or "heaviest" album ever made, but in HELLOWEEN's case, "7 Sinners" is truly a return to form and is indeed their fastest and heaviest release in years. HELLOWEEN bass player Markus Grosskopf stated about the band's new material: "For all those out there who found our special best-of [CD] 'Unarmed' to be too smooth and calm, I have great news: The new album will hit you right in the face! It's gonna be very heavy and contain all [the classic] HELLOWEEN trademarks! Some songs are very powerful and hymnic, others contain the fastest bass-drum patterns our drummer Dani ever played, and this means a lot!"

  "7 Sinners" track listing:
  • 01. Where The Sinners Go
  • 02. Are You Metal?
  • 03. Who is Mr. Madman?
  • 04. Raise The Noise
  • 05. World Of Fantasy
  • 06. Long Live The King
  • 07. The Smile Of The Sun
  • 08. You Stupid Mankind
  • 09. If A Mountain Could Talk
  • 10. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner
  • 11. My Sacrifice
  • 12. Not Yet Today
  • 13. Far In The Future